I’m currently 28 years old, and am in my 6th year as a PhD student.

During my undergraduate career at the University of Minnesota - Morris, I focused my work primarily on OpenAFS and distributed systems, completing 2 years of Google Summer of Code (2008 and 2009), as well as a summer REU at Carnegie Mellon working on Internet Suspend and Resume.

After these experiences, my interests broadened to technology that has a more direct impact societally.

My research interests encompass organizational structures and motivations that support strong participation within sociotechnical systems. In particular, I’m interested in these towards supporting social change and civic engagement through mobile technologies. I’m interested in using mobile technologies and systems to more deeply understand the organizational and social structures and their roles in participation within these communities and systems.

I currently work on FolkSource, a smartphone and web platform for crowdsourcing real-world data gathering, for use by non-profits, advocacy groups, and local municipalities.

During the summer of 2014, I was an IBM Watson intern, working at IBM Research Almaden.