Hi, welcome.

In case you couldn’t tell by the URL, I’m Jake.

Here you’ll find my academic work, and various other ephemera.

I spend my time...

  • Thinking about the role technology can play in social change, to empower individuals and groups of people both individually and organizationally. In particular, my focus is on geographic biases in social computing systems.

  • Studying at the University of Minnesota, and I work in the GroupLens HCI lab, with Dr. Loren Terveen. My particular interests lie in the ways that technology can support and augment social goals and processes.

  • Building a system called FolkSource, for crowdsourcing data in the world around us.

  • Photographing the minutae in the world. I try to capture the things that are in the world, but not at the forefront of what people are attentive to. I really enjoy both the technical and the (I believe) artistic aspects of the medium.