Iron Blogging - Iterations on Iterations on Iterations

This post is a part of the GroupLens Iron Blogging effort, so take that for what you will.

Recently, I’ve been bouncing between a few different projects:

  1. Writing
  2. Designing an Experiment
  3. Deep-dive on Spatial Statistics

The thing that ties all of these together, from a day-to-day perspective is that they’re all explicitly iterations on projects I’ve been working on for what feels like a long time.

I don’t always recognize pulling projects towards completion as an iterative process. Often, I find myself feeling like I’m doing and re-doing, and re-doing, and getting more frustrated at each stage of re-doing.

Recognition of procedure as part of the process helps me, because then it’s “just a part of doing the thing”, and not “I’m not making any progress at all”.

So, that’s my conclusion for Iron Blogging this week: When I’m aware of the process I’m undertaking, accepting the iterative/repetitive nature of the work becomes easier to push through.

Over the next couple weeks, I may be writing about some of the few different things I’m doing, or various parts of it.